Short history of Meigle

Short History of Meigle

Meigle (Mey-gal) was established as an outpost of Earthheart, deep in the underdark. It was built to service gold and silver mines in the region (with a touch of mithral). It is generally a poor community with most of the wealth going back to the sponsors in Earthheart and shipping costs to the township are quite high.


Meigle boasts about 2,000 dwarves and a smattering of other races. Most have something to do with mining or own some of the shops in the local township. Most surface folk cannot abide in the underdark for too long so Dwarves are the most prevalent.

Population: about 2,000
Government: Local council, lead by Mayor Torin Dordrien, under advisement from the rulers of Earthheart.
Defence: Local militia of 100, most dwarves of mature age can fight, bringing numbers close to 1,000 as needed.
Commerce: Basic supplies are available at cost. More unique items are available at 200% cost (eg alchemical items), some disposable magic items (to level 3) are available, magic items to level 5 are available on request and prepayment of gold and sufficient residuum.
Organisations: Temple of Moradin, miners guild, watchful guild of catchers (infestation specialists), explorers community (shrine to Marthammor Duin).

Short history of Meigle

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