Darker days

Stairway to Fire and Stone, a unhealthy meal

Return to the room with stairs up surrounding a 20’ diameter home. As the party advance fire busts on the party as a harpy flies to the Runehammer brothers. It breathes on them, blinding Torthal.

Two gargoyles appear on the stairs and start attacking. Torgeir finds that the stairs are trapped, with one flight trying to toss you into the hole and another clamping the victim to the spot. As the battle progresses one gargoyle is pushed off the stairs into the central hole. After taking some hits they turn stoney and are exceedingly hard to hurt. The harpy continues to blow grit into the brothers’ eyes but is the first foe to fall. One of the gargoyles is killed and the other is left at the bottom of the hole. The party disarms the stair traps and climb to a door.

The door opens out to a dim corridor with leering 4 foot tall faces on the walls. They hear the three-foot wide mouths whispering “feed me.” The party decide to head down a side corridor without faces, but a big green (berserker) foulspawn, a small blue (mangler) foulspawn, and a small (grue) foulspawn appear and attack the party’s rear. The berserker foulspawn lashes out wildly even when being hit. The party are quickly embroiled in a hard fight as a second berserker and mangler join the fray, appearing out of one of the face mouths.

As the battle progresses the berserkers become enraged at their wounds and redouble their efforts against the party. However with tactics and powers the party are able to first immobilize their foes then bring them down in quick succession.

Renmar decides to acquiesce to the faces’ request and they stuff the dead foulspawn into the mouths, which are then devoured.



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