Darker days

Ringing statues and wet shoes

The party continues through the door and spy a statue holding the symbol of Oghma with some type of writing on it. They move forward and a magical explosion rings out from the statue, and a second movement near it provokes another explosion. Via other doors screams are heard and three soldiers and a robe wearing halforc enter. The halforc fires a lightning bolt at the party and the dwarfs engage the soldiers in melee. The halforc creates a sword top attack Aisling with as the melee continues to rage. As the party start to gain the upper hand despite Torgeir and Donga suffering many cuts the halforc teleports away top leave its companions to continue the fight. Torthal and Renmar try to circle around the melee but are hindered by magical, clinging curtains. As the soldiers and dwarfs try to out manoeuvre each other the Oghma statue the statue again rings with force, growing larger as people stay adjacent to it. The soldiers fall under the blows of the other dwarfs despite causing many hurts to Torgeir and Donga. They advance into another room where the halforc is waiting ready with painful magics. With the Runehammer brothers coming from one side and Torgeir, Donga and Aisling from the other, the halforc is forced to teleport again. The party are able to chase the halforc, pin him and kill him.

Searching locates no other ways forwards but gains them an adamantine key, draconic writing, a Staff of the Storms, an ivory statuette, cut jade, coins, and a ritual.

After casting Comprehend Languages the writing is revealed to say “First in hardness, not in place.”

Backtracking to another intersection allows exploration to continue, where Donga hears twittering and a room covered in a fine white dust. Opening a door allows a wave of bones to wash over the party, making movement difficult. Further into the room charnel rats attack the first of the party to wander into their pile of bones. After several quick skirmishes the party kill all the rats but fail to fine anything of use.

Heading back in the direction of water the party come across a large room awash with water. Within the water are two large hulking reptilians with three smaller ones, Lizardfolk. As a prelude to talking Donga fires arrows at one of the large lizardfolk who then advance on the party while warning their brethren. Using the stairs as a platform the party down both larger lizardfolk and one of the smaller before advancing into the water proper. Despite the water hindering the dwarfs, they are able to down the last two.

Heading to the back of the room where the party had spied a platform they discover a locked door top a warm room containing the statue of an eldarin holding a spear and a moonstone. With many bruises and wet feet, the party decide to dry out their shoes and otherwise rest.



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