Darker days

Resting the undead, the party get a splinter

While resting Vanalis explains that the way to defeat Kararakos is to find and defeat three splinters.

Heading upstairs and continuing their search they come to a room smelling of death, displaying cloth covered bones in alcoves. Renmar cuts open one and finds the bones of a dwarf. When Torgeir and Donga move along opposite corridors the party discovers that they are in a circular room with two sets of double doors leading out. It is at this time that they are attacked. A Frightful Wraith attacks Donga and smelly Charnel Rats come out of some alcoves to attack the rest of the party. The Wraith moans, dazing and pushing those that succumb. Three Battle Wraiths, longsword wielding forms in plate mail but lacking heads attack Torgeir. Their attacks force Torgeir to stand in place and sap vitality from him.

The party changes tactics with Donga and Torgeir holding one corridor end battling two Battle Wrights and some Charnel Rats while the others try to deal with the Wraith, more Charnel Rats and a circling Battle Wright. The Wraith proves to be very annoying, dazing party members as it moves though the central column. Once the Rats are dispatched the party close ranks and concentrate more on the wrights while Aisling and Renmar try to dispatch the Wraith. The wraith is the final foe to fall, only because the entire party is able to concentrate on it once the Wrights are killed.

Behind one set of double doors the party find a number of coffins that might have held the Wrights, which provide gems and a magical warhammer to the party.

Heading into the darkness the party via the other doors locate another set of double doors. Donga claims that he hears chanting and the party prepare for another fight. Opening the doors reveals a room with bones everywhere, grasping pillars, grasping cages, and a low balcony. At the back beside a dark portal like structure stands a halforc with purple skin. Between him and the party are three large Bonecrusher Skeletons and two flying skulls. Vanadis yells out to the party to kill the halforc, but the party is engulfed by fire.

Singed but not out the party move forward and engage the undead and halforc, A returning salvo of ice slows, immobilises, and or dazes the not quite properly dead. The halforc takes to teleporting around the room and shooting the party with foul magics as Renmar and Torgeir bring crushing blows to the skeletons. Moving towards the halforc proves difficult until two of the skeletons are reduced to bone piles. Donga advances on the halforc but with it able to teleport away Donga is forced to snipe at it with his bow. Finally as the last skeleton is dismantled, one skull crushed, and the other skull retreating the party attempt to catch the halforc.

Finally Renmar is able to catch up to it and delays it so Torgeir can teleport there and land a telling blow. Surrounded and sniped at by arrows and magics the halforc is put down.

The completely dead allow the party to obtain a magically resistant cloak, gems, and a gold key. Inscribed on the key in dwarf is the phrase “Strength of Second”
(OOC: Is that all it said?).
The party take stock of what they have found.



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