Darker days

No body to play with, Ice and Fire

After a rest the party heads northwest upstairs. The orb informs the arty that there are powerful weapons located behind a door covered in frost and guarded by cold minions. A scouting Donga finds the door. Figuring that fire magics would be useful but requiring him to sleep they decide to explore in a different direction.

Heading upstairs and west they come to a 4 pillared room with a headless body in a force cage. The dwarfs destroy on of the pillars to break the force cage and V goes into the headless body. Almost immediately it starts screaming that something is wrong and warns Torthal to get out of the way. A hard fight ensures with the dwarfs getting pummelled by the body. Donga heads of a corridor looking for the head as the fight continues in a roughly even battle Torgeir tries to cut the orb out of the body but fails to make much headway. They call Donga back from his exploring and combined they are able to free the orb by rendering the body useless. The orb ends up back with Torthal.

The bruised party decide to rest here.

Heading back to the frost-covered door the party enters into a freezing coll room with four ice pillars with humanoids in them. The party advance to the door at the other side and open it to reveal another, larger ice pillar with what appears to be a Mezzodemon in it. The pillars start to melt and a chill borne zombie exit each of the smaller pillars as the Mezzodemon also struggles free. The zombies exude bruising cold numbness and explode as they are brought low.

With Torthal’s fire magic the zombies are dispatched as it the demon. The dwarfs head back the force cage room to rest their cold bones.

After sleeping the party explore down the way Donga headed the day before. A ball of fire explodes amidst the dwarfs and three cambion devils attack, supported moments later by two Dark Ones. As the party meet the devils and Dark Ones magics from mirrors continues to pummel the party. Torgeir starts pulling the mirrors off the way to land face down before coming to aid the others.

After finishing the devils and dark ones they press forward to find a green flames scull that the party make short work of. They discover healing potion and a wand.



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