Darker days

Much wailing and darkness is had. Kararakos

After resting the party head east and then south under Vanalis’ guidance. Despite urging the party to head south they do not find a way and enter a study of sorts. In the study are two statues of dwarfs in the near corners flanked by braziers, a curtained off area in the third corner and in the fourth a desk with a sitting halforc. Vanalis says that the halforc is Kararakos but the he cannot sense him.

The halforc rises from the chair and with a cry of “You will never take me alive” runs behind the curtains. Torgeir, Torthal, and Donga enter the room, only to have the braziers start emitting poisonous gasses and a magical wall of force prevents exit from the room. As Donga with Torthal’s help try to stop the gas Torgeir checks behind the curtains. He finds a cot but no sign of Kararakos, despite searching the corner. He returns to the force wall and starts trying to break it down. Donga and Torthal deactivate the braziers just as Torgeir destroys the force wall.

In the corridor Renmar and Aisling locate a door that leads south. They advance down the dark-shrouded corridor and come to a T-junction. The wall ahead of them contains the voices of screaming dwarfs that impinge on the mind of those travelling the corridors. A force pushes Renmar back the way he came and a banshee appears, attacking the pair. The banshee adds its wails to the lost dwarf cries. Another form, this time a multi-scimitar wielding skeleton appears from the other direction and attacks.

On breaking through the other three dwarfs hear Aisling and Renmar’s cries and head to aid them. A tight fight continues and Aisling is able to push the banshee away as Torthal and Donga kill the skeleton. With light the party can see the purplish-pustule like walls.

With the wailing dwarfs preying on their skulls the party decide to have a rest and consider their next actions. Vanalis continues to say the way lies south so they agree to try and head through the wailing maze. After their rest the dwarfs re-enter the maze.

The wailing again assails the party, and the first thing to appear is a scimitar-wielding skeleton. This is dispatched as two banshees appear screeching and another skeleton appears. Torgeir is forced to bolster their resolve. Fighting the skeleton on one front, the banshees on the other and trying to ignore the wailing dwarf voices the party destroy their foes but take several hurts in the process.

They quickly continue through the maze to a stone corridor at the end of which is a set of double doors. After catching their breaths they open the doors do spy a large room with black stone pillars, a black rock and a curtain with a tired tower in a web design on it.

Donga carefully opens a nearby set of double doors only to have them fling open and have some force drag Donga towards a dark pulsating disk. Renmar tries to cross the pass the doorway but is also dragged inside the room. Using brute strength more than anything the pair manage to drag themselves out of the room, allowing Torgeir and Renmar to pull the doors close.

Darkstalkers attack the recovering party, flinging darkness on to the party. Torthal manages to dispel the darkness but Kararakos appears to darken the dwarf’s sight again. Able to utilise the darkness the darkstakers hurt the party with their weapons while Kararakos uses his magics. As the darkness disappears the advantage swings back in the dwarfs favour, hurting Kararakos and killing two of the Darkstalkers. The advantage favours Kararakos and his allies as Torgeir is struck heavily by the halforc’s dark magic and is flung unconscious against the black stone.

Renmar manages to boost Torgeir, Donga, and himself, allowing Torgeir to regain consciousness. He quickly moves away from the black stone that saps some of his dwindling vitality. Covered on three sides the remaining Darkstalkers are put down and Kararakos flees through a door. The party chase him, and through focused attacks manage to bring him down.

After regaining their breath they search and find some money in gold coins and gems, a suit of hide armour and a key with “K” on it.



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