Darker days

Kararakos, Kararakos, Kararakos

The party rest to tend to their wounds and regather strength.

Further exploration leads them to a set of stairs leading up. There they find a set of three keyholes located within pattern. Using clues from the keys and the patterns, the party attempt to decipher the proper key placement. A failed attempt leads to 5 minutes trying to withdraw the keys. Reinterpreting the clues allows the second attempt to succeed. Behind the doors they find another set of stairs leading up.

This leads them to a room with doors to the left and right. They open the door to the left to proceed through, but before they can really do so painful magic erupts around them. Singed, dazed, and crying in pain the party find several half-orcs, all looking like Kararakos attacking from in front and behind.

Donga manages to shoot a couple down with his bow as Renmar and Torgeir move to the fore and engage the other Kararakos forms. Vanalis calls out that all the forms are Kararakos. As each Kararakos double dies rather than falling to the floor it disappears from view.

Receiving more bruises the dwarfs manage to put down the doubles leaving a moment’s grace. Renmar opens a set of double doors and is struck by a force missile. Torgeir moves into the room and the dwarfs find themselves facing nearly a half dozen more doubles. The room is a large square with a square ziggurat approximately six feet tall and 10 foot wide at the top. Leading up to the ziggurat are widely spaced steps. More doubles appear from the rear, which Donga and Torthal are forced to deal with as Aisling joins Renmar and Torgeir in the large room.

Donga and Torthal dispatch the doubles attacking the rear and run to aid the other dwarfs. Aisling rains her magics on separate forms as Renmar and Torgeir tag a double between their weapons. One form jumps to the top of the ziggurat and causes a radiant explosion affect most of the dwarfs. As the dwarfs start to tire they manage to cull the doubles down to a single form.

The form jumps atop the ziggurat and causes another radiant explosion, consuming itself in the process. Stunned the dwarfs realize that they are the only beings in the room. After a moment Vanalis quietly informs Torthal that Kararakos has been defeated.



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