Darker days

Humans, Ooops, and unfavoured songs

Talking to V reveals that there are three levels to this dungeon. Some of the denizens are:
Upstairs: a large white dragon,
South: hedges with plant critters,
North & South: humanoids and a dragonborn.

Party heads north. In a 5 pillared room they encounter three humans who alert their comrades but then quickly fall under the weapons of the dwarfs. Three more humans with crossbows come from one direction and a dragonborn from a second direction. The crossbowmen start peppering the dwarfs, especially Aisling, as the dragonborn charges the fighters. Four more humans enter the fray from yet another direction, and the dragonborn orders them to release Graff. Donga shoots the humans as they try to move rubble from the door with Graff behind it, thought to be a large hound like creature based on its growls. As Torgeir, Aisling, and Donga finish the dragonborn and crossbowmen Renmar finishes the human trying to release Graff and replace the rubble holding it back, aided a moment later by Torthal.

The party decide not to find out what Graff is and head south.

They come to hear a ritual to Moradin that stops as they advance. They then encounter sobbing in a temple like room, coming from a female human in robes who calls out to the party “Help me I am trapped.”

After visually searching the room the party render the inscribed doors and candles inoperative. The woman’s form changes to show bat wings and she voices an evil laughter before disappearing (nice job breaking it heroes!). Searching the temple room locates a hidden chest within which is one of V’s gems, plus magical cloth armour.

As they continue they come across a room with a large brass mirror on a wall above a dozen leavers. Donga starts fiddling with the levers as the others look past the doors. A guardsman enters the room from one of the doors to be met by Torgeir and Aisling. Torthal and Renmar pass through the other door, and enter a room, which then is engulfed in a fireball as Donga pulls one of the levers. They push forward to be met by 4 crossbowmen behind a wall of crates waiting for them. Torgeir heads of down the corridor the initial guard came up but is teleported into the fiery room. He then charges into help the brothers as Aisling tries to help but is teleported like Torgeir. The fight descends into a tight melee with Torgeir forced to protect a twice downed Renmar.

It is only after resting that the party realise that they have not felt hungry. Unsure what to make of this the party merely shrug their shoulders and continue.

They come to a water covered room with rope bridges between several platforms. Three Harpies attack the party, with their songs enticing several members forward before immobilising them. Fish creatures, sahuagin rise out of the water wielding tridents and assist the harpies, their blows dazing those hit. Renmar runs forward and initially pins down the majority of the sahuagin but they use their swimming ability to move round under the platforms and bridges to gain better positions. Eventually the dwarfs let the last lifeless sahuagin body sink below the water’s surface.



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