Darker days

A cold reception and not wanted gift

The party continue the way they were going to go before they were interrupted. They move further into the complex along a long north-south corridor before coming to another set of double doors. Requiring Donga then Torgeir’s shoulder to open the doors the dwarfs come apon a elemental-ice covered floor the process too treacherous for Dona as he advances into the door strewn corridor.

The nearest door opens and blue coloured Eladrin spy the party and cry out in alarm before attacking. Donga says that they want to talk, and Torgeir whispers to Torthal that maybe they could barter for Venalis’ final gem or ask for its location. The Eladrin, by this stage 8 strong mentions that the dragon next door may have such an item, but they are denied advancement into the icy corridor. Under their breath Aisling hears that the dragon is accessible only through their area. Once again diplomacy fails and it is left to weapons to bring others to the dwarf way of thinking.

At a distinct disadvantage in the icy corridor the party try to entice the Eladrin into their corridor but fail to do so. An arcanist at the back take great delight in forcibly moving Torgeir back into the corridor. None the less they are able to bring down the soldiers with only a medicorum of difficulty. The leader, an arcanist proves more difficult as he is able to teleport around the while the dwarfs must navigate the slippery ice. After several attempts they are able to bring the Eladrin down.

Careful movement allows the party to navigate the icy corridor and find the path towards the dragon. As they approach the lair the air gets colder and colder until they locate another set of double doors. Pushing open the doors brings the party to the lair, a snow covered affair with two icy pools. Vanalis calls Torthal’s attention to the amethyst sitting in the dragon’s hoard, saying it is the last gem to be found. Torthal casts floating disk to allow the party to advance into the lair. As the party disembark onto the snow the dragon stirs and watches the dwarfs advance. They hear it speak.

“Come forward and present your gifts,” it commands.

The party approaches and Renmar attacks with the rest of the party quickly following The dragon replies to heavy blows by breathing it’s icy breath and attempting to bite and claw Renmar and Torgeir. Aisling and Donga shoot magics and arrows at it respectively, before Donga joins the melee.

Suffering from heavy blows the dragon jumps into the closest pool to regain some vitality. Torthal freezes the water to ice, pinning the dragon somewhat and allowing the rest of the party to bring it down.

While the party collects their spoil of coins, turquoise and a pearl, Vanalis is pleased that the last gem it needs, an amethyst has been found.



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